Kona Madness – 50 nodi a Maui!

“Ci sono giorni che impongono la distinzione fra i veri uomini e i ragazzi”, specie quando ci sono fino a 50 nodi di vento nell'Oceano! Ecco il breve resoconto di alcune giornate pazzesche da Maui e da The Team di Gaastra

February on Maui anything is possible. Last year it was windy, and this year has seen it's share of windless days. We got a few trade wind days, but the standous have been big Kona storms pumping thirty to fifty knots. There were a couple good days at Lanes that got everybody whipped back into shape with perfect mast high waves, peeling left with twenty-five knots blasting everybody around. It was a little tough getting out, but well worth it.

Big Friday came a few days ago, with winds gusting to fifty knots on the South Shore. The Team missioned over to their favorite secret Kona spot and scored awesome conditions. Head to logo high waves and ripping winds, sent the boys and girl (Dorota) to the Moon!

“The conditions are so much like Gran Canaria, that you just have to sail until you can't sail no more” said Kevin P.

Phil McGain was putting in his time and was having a ton of fun. “I live for these sort of days. It's times like these that separate the men from the boys, especially when it comes to the competition side of things. When you get conditions like these, you have to make your time on the water count!”

Dorota gave it her all, and kept it together until she could barely hold on to her 3.7. She got more than she bargained for by coming over to tune up for the Midwinters. She's been sailing hard since her plane landed and is in great shape to challenge any competitor.

It was a soul session for The Team. All by themselves, and attracting a crowd on the beach. Kevin was sending up some big back loops, sometimes right over the top of yours truly. Needless to say, the end of the day came too soon, and it was time to hit the hot tub and talk story.

If you ever get a chance to come to Maui in February, be prepared for anything.

Tratto da www.gaastra.com

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