Sparkrandd, il primo attacco soft specifico per tavola divisibile!

Eccolo finalmente! In anteprima su dal comunicato stampa dodierno apprendiamo che e` in commercio il primo attacco soft specifico per tavola divisibile o splitboard!!!! Minor peso, minor altezza, maggior larghezza e stabilita, sono passi avanti che avvicinano sempre di piu` gli snowboarder al mondo, spesso precluso o difficile, dello scialpinismo, anzi dello snowboard-alpinismo! 

Ecco il comunicato:


Sorry for the long silence, you can only post that they arent ready yet so many times. This last week we finally got things moved into production, once Im back from Christmas well be shipping a number of sets every day. I went back through all of my emails, pms, and peoples posts since I started talking about my bindings and came up with the following preorder list. If you want a quick way to see where you are on the list you can hit control f to search within the page. If youre on there twice with your username and your real name let me know and Ill delete the extra one. Also, if youre not going to order let me know as well and Ill take you off the list. Ill get in touch with people individually when their bindings will be done within a few days, and well coordinate shipping, payment, color choice, and whether or not you need completes or baseplates only (for those of you that have bent metal missionary bindings already.) Also, if you would like to be added to the list please send me an email at (NB: LA LISTA ESISTENTE E STATA RIMOSSA PER RAGIONI DI PRIVACY).



Complete $340: A complete set of bent metal missionary bindings plus the Spark R&D Ignition Baseplates and pins.


Baseplates only $215: For those that already have a set of the bent metal missionary bindings, just the Spark R&D baseplates to go with them.


Shipping: Domestic shipping varies from $8 – $17 for ground service. Whistler BC is around $25.10.


There may be some additional taxes and fees depending on where you are and how payment is made.  My paypal account will be up by the end of the week.


Thats the scoop everybody. Im really stoked on how these are turning out, feel free to email with any questions. Thanks again!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Will Ritter, Owner

PO Box 3284

Bozeman MT 59772

Phone: 406.580.9884

Fax: 866.717.4267 “

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